Bring Glucose Levels Back To Normal Within 15 Minutes!

Discover the blood glucose recovery powder that tastes great and instantly brings blood sugar back to normal without spiking!

✓ Absorbs in the bloodstream quickly, bringing blood sugar levels back to normal fast - NO spiking.
✓ Powder dissolves instantly in your mouth without the need of water.
✓ Delicious taste makes it easy to take for kids and adults alike.
✓ Easy-to-transport slim-packs fit easily in a purse or wallet.
✓ Uses 100% all natural ingredients.

Here's How It Works:

In three easy steps, you can turn a low day into a great day with Glucose SOS!


Open packet of Glucose SOS in Green Apple Crisp Flavor
A woman pouring the contents of a Glucose SOS packet into her mouth
Young woman stretching on the beach




When fatigued, locate your Glucose SOS packet and rip it open.

Open a packet of Glucose SOS, pour the powder in your mouth, and let it desolve.

Recover quickly from your low blood sugar without spiking and feel great!

Image showing Glucose SOS as fast-absorbing, all-natural, and compact & portable.

Glucose SOS

Really Works

Join the 1000s of users whose lives are being changed by Glucose SOS!

“My blood sugar is already coming up, which is amazing because most low blood sugar treatments take a long time!”
—A Satisfied User

"This amazing Glucose SOS gives me a reliable, delicious "low snack", which makes me more confident in myself!”
—A Satisfied User

“Blood sugar was running low, pulled out my Glucose SOS, and I’m still on my bike without needing to end my workout!”
—A Satisfied User

“I’m at the gym and my blood glucose levels are a little low. Gonna use my Glucose SOS to bring me back up!”
—A Satisfied User

Taking a Scientific Approach to Glucose Recovery:  Founder and inventor, Pamela Heyward, spent years testing and refining the formula for Glucose SOS until she developed a science-based product that could bring glucose levels back to normal quickly and safely.
Glucose SOS vs. Traditional Glucose Relief Tablets

Traditional glucose relief tablets can take minutes to dissolve.

Glucose SOS only takes 20 seconds!